We have a huge list of ART created by People of Colour. We encourage Creatives need to identify themselves, and show your talent EVERYWHERE, both online and offline - to  gain more sales and commissions.

There is a plethora of white created art, or European themed art. It accounts for 98% of the Art out there on sale. It is time to redress the balance.  Not only is it a diversity issue, it is an economic issue.  Many black creatives produce work which is of unique quality and deeper depths than the standard artwork, and should be rewarded as such.

We are raising the profile of Black Creatives in Art, Crafts, Sculptures and Fashion.

Send us names and websites or instagram of artists. Let us Connect. Let us make things happen. Let us make this world a better place.  Email: info@blackeconomics.co.uk

People underestimate the power of Art for Reflection, Peace, a Celebration of Cultural Diversity and Economic Advancement.

Checkout out Sister website In Celebration of Black Art - icobart.org