Sponsor Membership

We would like to invite organisations to become a Sponsoring VIP Member of Black Economics / BEAAR Group, This would mean you are committed to spending a certain amount with Black Economics every year – or just for one year only and review the following year.

The membership level are in levels of Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsorship. This would help to support our work, and enable us to fund staff to do the vast amount of tasks that needs to be done. In return your funds can be used as credit against any of our services.

Cost of Corporate - Sponsoring Membership

If you would like to become a Sponsoring Member of Black Economics / BEAAR Group,

This would mean you are committed to spending a certain amount with Black Economics every year – or just for one year only and review next year.  The membership level can be from £600 per annum to £100,000 per annum in levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold,  Platinum or Diamond Sponsorship.  This would help to support our work, and enable us to fund staff to do the vast amount of work that needs doing.


Our Menu of Services 

Black Economics Team would be very much interested in working with you as your joint venture partner in any Corporate Social Responsibility project, and we offer a Menu of 10 Services. 



Black Economics Team would be very much interested in working with you to offer a Menu of Services.  We can work with you to do any of the tasks above, or can offer any of the services below.


  1. Projects


We are interested in working with you on various projects.   Projects we have done, or are doing include the following.


  • Finding appropriate Trustees for mainstream organisations;
  • Publicising and Sourcing black-owned businesses to take Pop Up Shop Space in John Lewis Department Stores;
  • Organising Conferences with High Profile Speakers to encourage and motivate business owners and aspiring Career individuals;
  • Working with the Mayor of London to identify participation of Black-owned Food companies for various events;
  • Scouting for Enterprise Agencies to encourage participation in International Exhibitions by Black Businesses;
  • Organising and Facilitating Training Events with Customs for Importers into the Do's and Don'ts of importing from abroad;
  • Reaching out to standard Art Galleries to encourage the take up of Black Artists for their space;
  • Providing Advertising space for Companies who want to reach the Black Community
  • Creating an exhibition of Black Businesses - both physically, and virtual.



  1. Video Channel & Interview Opportunity

    Black Economics TV Channel on Youtube has over 60 videos where you can hear from trailblazers and entrepreneurs in the black community.  The content is freely available to view at all times.

    Would you also be interested in doing an interview for our  Youtube Channel and Podcast?  If so, please let us know.

    Would you like to sponsor the channel, with your ads appearing before, during and after each video - going forward.




  1. Catalogue


Order a catalogue of products and services from black entrepreneurs.  Yes get a physical book in your hands which has pictures and descriptions of amazing items – most of which are not on the high street.    Catalogue cost is £35 for a hardback or £20 for the electronic version.    For large organisations, please order one for each department, or for every member in a team.  The procurement team should definitely have this catalogue.



  1. Training Courses for Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

All courses last for 1.5 hours.  They can take place via online portals such as Zoom / Teams  or can be facilitated in person with Covid safe recommendations.

Black Economics offers training for your staff in the following areas.

Course A

Motivation, Marketing & Sales

Expect a time when you are so successful, you almost wish for the quiet periods again.  This course shows you how to get there.


Course B

Diversity & Inclusion and Positive Black History

Looking at Key areas for demonstrating real diversity and inclusion and a celebration of what black people have achieved over time and what they can bring  to the table.


Course C

Racism - Truth and Reconciliation. Black Economics History, Current State, and Future Potential.

A hard hitting and soul searching exploration of who we really are and why we have particular prejudices.  Feelings discussed and shared are dealt with in a confidential manner.  This is not a guilt trip course but is created to build understanding and healing.


Course D

Three Minutes Health - A Lifestyle examination and hacks to go forward with.

In the quest for a healthier lifestyle can busy lives really make time?


Course E

Personal Coaching

Ask for a Quote for Coaching and Mentoring from our experienced coaching team.

Time frames are from 30 minutes to 30 hours over 6 months.

Themes covered include:

  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Diversity & Leadership
  • Understanding the Black Experience
  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Leadership Skills
  • Divorce and Transformational Coaching
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Professional Coaching


Costs for Courses A,B, C and D

Training is £95 per person - online event.

Training in groups is  £850 for an in-house delegation of 11 to 39 candidates - in person.

Ask for a quote for  40 or more participants.



  1. Advertising Offers

Advertising fee starts from £50 per week to £450 per week.  Choose the number of weeks you wish to advertise, then multiply by the fee.


Advertise on the websites; BlackEconomics.co.uk, BEAAR.org, Icobart.org

Advertise on our Youtube Channel - Black Economics TV

Advertise on our Social Media on instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Advertise in The Black Entrepreneurs & Creatives Product Catalogue

Advertise in the Black Economics - ACEs Magazine

Sponsor an Event, eg, seminar, webinar, conference, BBFest

Sponsor Research



  1. Products & Services


On the way is the Black Economics  E-commerce portal.  Black Economics offers products, such as beautiful artworks from Black Visual Artists, which are available either as original works, or as prints. Chefs are offering their services, or order prepared Foods / Drinks or  Catering.    We also offer uniquely designed furnishings for homes and offices such as cushions, beanbags, chairs, rugs and screen dividers via  In addition to furnishings, we offer fashion items - clothing, including positive T-shirts and sportswear.  The E-Commerce link will be launched later this month.

Coaching Services and Courses can also be found on the Ecommerce portal.



  1. BBFest


Would you be interested in attending a BBFest Online curated for your organisation.  This is a virtual Black-owned Business Festival  would be an exciting event where you get to see great products, video and stills, and see entrepreneur interviews – and get to ask questions of guest business owners.  We can  arrange a BBFest at your chosen premises in a Covid-safe way.



  1. Research Reports


We sometimes carry out research on the current state of affairs or opinions in the black community as compared with the white indigenous population, and Asians.  These figures and analysis are available to guide your strategies.

You can either sponsor a research project, or purchase a report.  We can also set up and facilitate a focus group on your behalf.



  1. Tech and Marketing Services


We offer Technology and Promotion services via our Sister business Upwards Tech Marketing and Digital Solutions. We can do SEO on your website.  We can modernise your website.  We can do your Social Media.  We can oversee your Digital Marketing for you.  We can also manage your traditional marketing.  See an overview of our services here.



  1. Events / Participation 


From time to time, we hold Seminars and Conferences.  Would you be interested in taking part in one of these as a speaker? Or would you like to nominate a representative from your firm to speak or do do a presentation.

Would you like to organise an event specifically for our audience?  We can work with you on that.



Please contact us for more information.