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Life Overview, Aspirations & Strength

It is important to look at the whole person, and get some background in order to plan for the way forward.  Are there barriers to growth? Are talents and creativity being stymied.  Can we overcome the roadblocks?


Qualifications, Courses, Ambitions & Career Progress

Education & Careers

Growth Economics starts with Education, Training, Connections and Career Strategies. We can provide role models and mentors.


Entrepreneurship, Start Up and Growth Opportunities


Business should accelerate income growth year on year, month on month.  We encourage and help with Strong Marketing, Sales and Investment of Time and Money.

Welcome to Black Economics Aspirations & Achievement Recognition  (B.E.A.A.R) Group Ltd.

Black Economics was founded in 2005.  The website generates over two million hits monthly.

BEAAR Group Ltd is a  Community Interest Company  and was incorporated in 2018.

We are a group of people who are taking note of the Aspirations and Achievement of sections of the Black Community.  We aim to encourage economic and personal development through sharing good practice and inspiring, motivating and accelerating Growth. Through programmes focusing on Wellbeing, Education and Business we grow the Economic Status of individuals, families and communities.

Thank you for your interest in BEAAR Group Ltd.

Join Us. Work with Us.  Encourage Us.